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The Great Frame Rate Debate Continues

This link above will take you to a recent Planet 5D article discussing the Engadget editorial I posted a link to earlier. Except Planet 5D’s discussion is cooler, because it comes with a poll for public opinions and video clips featuring James Cameron explaining that 24 is going down. (Or up, rather.)

Part of me doesn’t care what the new “cinematic” standard is, as long as there are lots of affordable, pro-quality cameras capable of shooting that standard in full HD that I can choose from. (Or 4k, since that seems to be the next big step.) But part of me really wants 24fps to remain “the movie look”, and there’s another part thinking 48 or 60fps could be kind of cool.

I just wonder if 60fps would truly benefit lower-budget things like online content and small indie dramas. Or anything else that doesn’t have 4k camerawork and/or explosive car chases and/or CGI. I guess it wouldn’t hurt, but am I really going to have a better viewing experience just because I can see every single pore on every actor’s face?

Let me know which frame rate you’d prefer and why.

Engadget Editorial: Despite shaky 48 fps Hobbit preview, high frame rates will take off

Okay, I saw this right after having a conversation about the same subject with a very smart, video-savvy friend. Really curious to know what other filmmakers (of all genres and styles) think about this. Give me your 2 cents, please.

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